Welcome to Submission only !

After a couple succesfull events , we had to take a break due to circumstances like Covid-19. But we are very glad to announce our comeback and it will be incredible.

We will be holding 4 events this year, yes you heard it right. We will keep a championship standing of all competitors who fight at our events, so at the end of the year we can hold the grand finals to crown our new Submission Only champions !

The concept is rather simple, during the year we will be hosting 3 events. Everybody has the chance to take part in all 3 or just 1 event, the top 4 fighters of every weightclass will score points. At the end of the first 3 events we will have a winner in every weightclass. Those fighters will be invited to our final events on december 2. If the winner doesn’t want or cant make it, we will invite the 2nd , 3th or 4th classified fighter.

All those fighters will fight for the belt of all belts in the open class, the submission only belt. Not just the elite, but also the advanced and beginners will fight for glory that day and a place in history as the first submission only champions !

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