• No unsportsmanlike conduct will be allowed. You may be disqualified or ejected for unsportsmanlike conduct. The referees will be shown maximum respect at all times. Their decisions are final and will not be overturned.
  • No striking, biting, eye gouging (includes chin to eye), head butting, small joint manipulation(finger or toe locks),hair pulling, grabbing the windpipe, or ear pulling will be permitted
  • No slamming allowed. Illegal slamming will be defined as slamming your opponent to escape submission and/or to pass the guard. Or standing from guard and/or jumping from a standing position to slam your opponent. Slamming wil result in an automatic DQ. There are no exceptions to this rule. Takedowns are NOT considered slams, but you must deliver your opponent safely to the mat.
  • No infectious skin diseases  or open wounds will be permitted. No lubricants, oils or lotion of any kind will be permitted on any part of the body or clothing.
  • Competitors will be allowed to continue fighting anywhere on the matted area, provided they don’t interfere with another match.     If the competitors near the edge of the mat, they will be restarted from the same position on the mat unless the referee is unable to duplicate the position for any reason. In case the referee is unable to duplicate the position the competitors will restart from a standing position.
  • If a competitor flees the ring when a submission is locked in and the competitor is obviously fleeing to avoid submission, he or she will be      automatically disqualified.
  • Women will not be permitted to compete in Men’s divisions. Men will not be permitted to compete in women’s divisions. Teens can compete in other divisions with permission from their parent or coach
  • The organisation reserves the right to expand or combine divisions to            accomodate competitors.

Submission Only Rules

  • All submissions are allowed in beginner, advanced and elite class .
  • All submissions are allowed in Men’s and Women’s divisions. Neck cranks, ankle and spine locks, bicep/calf slicer(crushers) and flying scissors takedowns are legal in Men’s and Women’s divisions.
  • No grabbing off any clothing, including your own, will be permitted.
  • Mouthpiece and groin protection are optional, but recommended. 
  • No shorts with pockets
  • Shirts must be tight, no t-shirts or naked upper body. Rashguard required!
  • The only way of winning is by submission. In case of a draw, the referee will make the decision and that is final.

Green cards and red cards

When you attempt a submission and the referee must stop the fight. For example wen you rolled out of te fight area. The referee can decide it’s not safe to restart from the same position, for example starting from a reverse twisted ankle lock. The person who attempted the submission will receive a green card. In case there is no submission during the fight, the green card may help the referee decide.

2 Green cards = Win

When a fighter outruns the fight, makes an unsportmanlike conduct or stalls the fight, he or she will receive a red card. In case there is no submission during the fight, the red card may help the referee decide.

3 red cards in a fight = DQ

Divisions and weightclasses

 -60 kg, -65 kg, -70 kg, -75 kg, -80kg, -85kg, -90kg, +90kg 

Weigh in is WITH fight gear !

Beginner1-2 years experience wrestling, white belts
Advanced2-5 years experience wrestling , blue belts
EliteOver 5 years experience wrestling, purple belt and higher
  • Anyone who is a blue belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu MUST compete as advanced.
  • Anyone who is a purple belt or higher in Brazilian Jiu jitsu MUST compete as elite.
  • Anyone who has 0-2 years of wrestling experience can compete as beginner.
  • Anyone who has 2-5 years of wrestling experience MUST compete as advanced.
  • Anyone who has over 5 years of wrestling experience MUST compete as elite.

There will be NO exceptions to these rules, cheating = DQ

Time Limits

ClassFighting roundsFinal round
Beginner6 minutes10 minutes
Advanced8 minutes10 minutes
Elite10 minutes10 minutes


TechniqueBeginnerAdvanced & Elite
Straight foot locksAllowedAllowed
Straight knee barsAllowedAllowed
Toe holdsAllowedAllowed
Heel hooksAllowedAllowed
Calf crunchesAllowedAllowed
Rib or neck compressionAllowedAllowed
Neck cranksAllowedAllowed
Triangle chokesAllowedAllowed
Electric chairAllowedAllowed
Wrist locksAllowedAllowed
Scissor takedownsAllowedAllowed
Ezekiel chokeAllowedAllowed
Bicep crunchesAllowedAllowed
Squeezing windpipeIllegalIllegal
Jumping guardIllegalIllegal
Sitting guard
(only if there is contact
with opponent)

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